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Definition of critic:

  1. A person skilled in judging of the merits of works in the fine arts, or of the beauties and defects in literature; a fault- finder.


copywriter, value, dilettante, analyst, castigator, novice, author, authority, praise, master, faultfinder, editor, commentator, expert, examiner, censor, amanuensis, doubter, censurer, scholar, scourge, shrew, hypercritic, tyro, judge, compiler, disparager, amateur, niggler, hothead, nitpicker, diagnostic, wet blanket, stickler, perfectionist, grinch, quibbler, knocker, diva, reviewer, pundit, complainer, believer, connoisseur, biographer, purist, criticizer, copy editor, diarist, pettifogger, cartoonist.

Usage examples: