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Definition of criticism:

  1. The art of judging of the beauties or faults in literature or the fine arts; critical remarks, verbal or written.


critique, upbraiding, animadversion, diatribe, harangue, faultfinding, review, lecture, barrage, exposition, literary criticism, judgment, denunciation, chiding, pan, recrimination, reprobation, review article, quibble, express, objection, pronounce on, rebuke, survey, remonstrance, notice, stricture, sound off, reproval, reprimand, lit crit, speak out, articulate, words, comment, bashing, reprehension, critical review, check, remark, reflection, state, uproar, praise, unfavorable judgment, attack, mud, reproof, objurgation, examen, admonition, talking-to, study, carping, knock, air, formulate.

Usage examples: