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Definition of crook:

  1. To bend.


spell, adjacent angles, flexure, diverge, good turn, malefactor, inclination, turning, trickster, complementary angles, persuade, double over, twine, plait, gimmick, mold, miscreant, rook, wrench, chiseler, wheeler-dealer, inflection, rogue, notch, turn, defrauder, eddy, whirl, pull, offender, crouch, sharper, turn of events, bit, bend dexter, bending, conman, bend, brown-nose, corresponding angles, cower, cheat, kink, deviate, device, politician, slew, bout, honest, acute angle, cheater, veer, braid, burrow, curve, obtuse angle, flimflammer, yield, construction, cut, winding, curl, angle, stoop, influence, tour, balance, spin, complement, straight, brand, fixer, tress, whitlow, bilk, corral, cozener, incline, fraud, victimizer, number, trend, hypocrite, act, felon, liar, gyp, wind, fold, dip, sheer, submit, cattle prod, outlaw, azimuth, crane, criminal, gypper, bias, bestride, cow town, crate, arc, bandit, twisting, go, twirl, routine, crease, play, plication, dairy, slue, shepherd's crook, crimp, diddler.

Usage examples: