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Definition of crop:

  1. Craw of a bird; first stomach into which a bird's meat descends; anything gathered into a heap; the gathered harvest; corn or other vegetable products while growing, or after being gathered.
  2. To cut or pluck the ends off; to mow or reap; to sow or plant.


naturalize, mould, coif, garnish, array, cast, ramble, braid, halter, go, get dressed, gather, knead, flash back, trot, rate, dress out, bobbed, naturalise, forge, apparel, order, domesticate, tramp, coiffure, mold, hurdle, do work, fence, arrange, lop, cut down, rake, blow-dry, lop off, process, preen, collect, cadre, cut short, form, harness, plume, trim down, bale, vintage, trim, huddle, harvest-tide, cultivated, set out, agricultural production, work out, put to work, train, lot, browse, clone, educate, harvest-time, knot, figure out, alpine, agglomeration, arable, annual production, snip, brassica, bevy, crease, bank, primp, civilize, curb, ferment, crimp, passel, grouping, band, habilitate, produce, chop off, growth, cereal, solve, prune, rationalise, fruits, rank, act upon, rove, cornrow, graze, body, fruit, roll, boodle, return, arsenal, swan, surf, tog, comb, cell, gouge out, groom, snip off, straddle, crop circle, sever, lay out, sour, cut back, act, lick, make for, product, wreak, stray, crop rotation, fit out, fodder, harvest, hay, dress, yield, battery, rationalize, work on, comb out, do, result, enclothe, assembly, shop, pick, restrict, assortment, fruitage, work, garner, cactus, reap, garb, harvesting, slash, bedding plant, pasture, Afro, focus group, clutch, craw, gathering, parcel, gleaning, increase, bunch, wander, annual, school, set, roam, bring, cash crop, discerp, reaping, bean, bridle, girth, corn, cluster, horsewhip, clip, proceeds, run, ingestion, harvest-feast, exploit, cut off, jog, condition, batch, combine, assemblage, chignon, buzz cut, backcomb, consort, grade, cut away, drift, nip off, tame, close, puzzle out, make, barbershop, curry, constellation, bit, line up, garment, bush, the in-crowd, climber, cultivate, ingathering, vegetable, harvest home, clique, bun, influence, raiment, shape, dress up, civilise, blinders, bring down, bangs, beehive, harvest-festival, elite, decorate, cut out, range, faction, turn, exercise, party, clothe, vagabond, coiffe, play, trim back, operate, place, function.

Usage examples: