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Definition of crossing:

  1. A paved part for passing across a street.


crossbreeding, green light, mixture, crossover voter, crosswalk, excursion, crossover, crown of thorns, filter, junction, horizontal, transverse, miscegenation, overpass, bridge, cross, exchange, cone, hybridisation, crossbreed, underpass, intersection, crosswise, jaywalking, grade crossing, convergence, intersection point, hybridization, exploration, flight, thwartwise, mark, expedition, crossroad, crossing over, interbreeding, hybrid, loop, crisscross, traverse, corner, circuit, crossroads, drive, transversal, point of intersection, voyage, fording, thwart, commute, circus, passage, carrefour, overlap, Ford, crossway, cruise, interchange, day trip, hybridizing, product.

Usage examples: