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Definition of crosswise:

  1. Across; in the form of a cross; to play cross and pile, to play at tossing up money which had a cross on one side and a pile or pillar on the other.


thwart, awry, horizontal, horizontally, cross, arched, cylindrical, kitty-corner, at right angles, broadside, elliptical, over, cornerwise, conical, corkscrew, thwart, bias, thwartwise, transversal, cross-sectional, sideways, cross-section, contrariwise, vertically, perpendicular, athwart, circular, domed, crabwise, lengthways, transverse, widthways, crossways, side-on, endwise, edgeways, diagonally, cruciform, lateral, hooked, cornerways, askew, transversely, crossing, obliquely, traverse, across, crisscross.

Usage examples: