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Definition of crotchety:

  1. Having a changeable tendency to fix the mind too exclusively on one object; whimsical.


odd, obstinate, curious, snippety, quick-tempered, erratic, cross, grotesque, fantastic, snippy, extraordinary, grumpy, singular, raspy, funny, laughable, stuffy, peevish, moody, bad-tempered, anomalous, crabby, hot-tempered, pettish, cantankerous, queer, waspish, snappish, prickly, snappy, temperamental, peculiar, eccentric, choleric, ornery, snarky, droll, unique, unmatched, ridiculous, irascible, perverse, uncommon, preposterous, strange, ludicrous, touchy, sensitive, fractious, grouchy, quaint, comical, cranky, ratty, unusual, petulant, bizarre, testy, irritable, short-tempered, fiery, whimsical, bloody-minded, ill-natured.

Usage examples: