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Definition of crown:

  1. The state cap or diadem of a king or sovereign; the executive government; a wreath or garland; the top part of a thing; a silver coin, value 5s.
  2. To invest any one with regal power by the ceremony of placing the state cap or diadem on his head; to complete or finish; to reward.


waft, pileus, countess, autarky, divide, card, detonator, baksheesh, take, braces, chinstrap, whirligig, blanket, steer, ne plus ultra, high noon, beat up, anarchy, pass, bonnet, capstone, wind, hood, catkin, high, punch, stun, wrap, fastigium, close season, summit meeting, bakshis, tip, bearskin, vizor, drachma, efflorescence, challenge, upside, diadem, capitulum, centralism, top off, recapture, summit, autonomy, Deutschmark, crownwork, court, apogee, noon, hatpin, aristocrat, Count, sum, gratuity, nail, bathing cap, capital, queen, baronet, coronal, pennon, transcend, treetop, confidential information, recover, upstage, meridian, AUD, tip-top, height, clear, the crown, ceiling, amalgam, sweep, biretta, flush, guilder, plume, overstep, bloom, balaclava, exceed, championship, cent, dentistry, beat, DM, pennant, hit, tiptop, banana republic, branch, make history, distinguish yourself, prime, detonating device, bark, bury, circus tent, baroness, cairn, beret, contest, perform, brae, sovereign, commoner, coat, autocracy, bandanna, top side, scalp, award, chloroplast, flower, monarch, ct., teetotum, fig leaf, smother, coronation, top of the inning, excel, opinion poll, bole, crag, clash, the Commonwealth Games, emperor, archduke, jacket, depose, walk away with, pate, noontime, king, bakshish, ducat, beanie, hint, spinning top, peak, cranial, vertex, extremum, abdicate, potentate, poll parrot, top out, chaplet, bit, dollar, brink, high tide, eyeshade, insulate, accession, lead, smash a record, royalty, batter, baronetcy, escarpment, coalition, dime, nut, jacket crown, canvass, upper side, cover, bye, c., visor, euro, crescendo, trump, caries, public opinion poll, coronate, top, blossom, bough, corm, pinch, thump, payoff, dinar, franc, the brow, smack, headless, go past, consort, carry off, groat, cavity, pourboire, Fr., bludgeon, superlative, headdress, brim, shine, backsheesh, absolutism, baron, crest, poll, big government, heyday, farthing, walk off with, bill, accede, cockade, baseball cap, boater, high-water mark, bridge, streamer, chapiter, big top, elevation, round top, dethrone, aristocracy, point, caretaker government, letter.

Usage examples: