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Definition of crude:

  1. In a raw, unprepared state; rough; imperfect; clumsy; hasty; not matured.


raffish, insensible, foul-mouthed, unadulterated, sodding, cutting, normal, concentrated, oil colour, perfect, raspy, indecent, courtesy, natural, mundane, jolty, unexceptional, unwashed, early, impure, smutty, peeled, everyday, pure, alkaline, stark naked, uncultivated, abusive, rough-and-ready, in the raw, unsmooth, bad-mannered, jury-rigged, benzene, unsanded, arrant, imprecise, jolting, unanalyzed, unprocessed, stag, broadly, rough-and-tumble, oil color, tender, gross, gutter, staring, roughneck, jumpy, clean, ripe, sore, unremarkable, gas, wrong, in the buff, coarse, barrel, savage, chemical, catalytic, locker-room, unprintable, chemical equation, X-rated, down-to-earth, unskilled, rocky, incult, blunt, raunchy, porcine, gasoline, rugged, rough-cut, consummate, rock oil, rough-hewn, boisterous, unrefined, vernacular, inaccurate, unmannerly, unmannered, plebeian, pornographic, coal oil, naked as a jaybird, rasping, inexact, artless, unconditional, routine, barbarian, complete, questionable, stark, lascivious, unfinished, nasty, earthy, dirty, naive, vitriolic, archaic, gasohol, anaerobic, commonplace, ordinary, thoroughgoing, makeshift, roughly, flagrant, fossil oil, good, egregious, wanton, new, high-octane, lowbred, undeveloped, untreated, jerry-built, porny, Rough, active, approximative, aerobic, thick, jerry-rigged, grating, yokelish, gravelly, lewd, diesel, vulgar, uncut, corrosive, black gold, ungainly, ribald, petroleum, incorrect, illiberal, utter, churlish, standard, polished, underbred, crying, immature, rough, in the altogether, bleak, finished, naked, raw, foul, fuel, homemade, bumpy, uncultured, lowbrow, fierce, megascopic, trashy, approximately, rudimentary, crude oil, sketchy, blue, alkaloid, filthy, primitive, harsh, pugnacious, approximate, double-dyed, scratchy, bare-assed, unformed, bounderish, nondescript, sensitive, anaerobic, smooth, bawdy, vegetable oil, rude, undressed, bare-ass, everlasting, native.

Usage examples: