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Definition of cruel:

  1. Inclined to inflict pain or sufferings on others; barbarous; inhuman; extremely unkind; hard- hearted; merciless.


savage, cutting, reprehensible, bitter, galling, brutal, heavy-handed, wrongful, swinish, atrocious, sharp, brutal, barbarous, painful, unfair, insufferable, thankless, sinful, insupportable, racking, stark, murderous, savage, hard-hearted, pernicious, diabolic, fell, catty, kind, malignant, outrageous, wolfish, sore, malicious, merciless, tormenting, degenerate, hard, malicious, nasty, sadistic, sadistic, infernal, virulent, smarting, inhumane, Harsh, bloodthirsty, barbarous, galling, envenomed, furious, unreasonable, hellish, biting, deplorable, malign, butcherly, criminal, unfriendly, venomous, hardhanded, satanic, rugged, torturous, intolerable, malevolent, poisonous, atrocious, uncivilized, bad, rancorous, truculent, truculent, humane, barbarian, searing, help, mischievous, bitchy, roughshod, untamed, vengeful, kindly, cold-blooded, crushing, evil-minded, stiff, heart-breaking, hateful, fierce, distressing, unkind, agonising, unnatural, biased, ruthless, onerous, brute, caustic, heavy, arbitrary, rigorous, fiendish, stony-hearted, unendurable, hurtful, unrelenting, inhuman, consuming, harsh, harrowing, harmful, partial, unjustified, debased, severe, wicked, unbearable, spiteful, tough, ferine, depraved, feral, fell, unjust, malevolent, hard, revengeful, grievous, destructive, malign, awful, devilish, torturing, mean, monstrous, ferocious, uncouth, beastly, pitiless, wanton, stern, uncharitable, afflicting, unequal, uncivilised, excruciating, heartless, afflicting, unkind, despiteful, one-sided, evil, truculent, vicious, wild, condemnable, heartrending, tyrannical.

Usage examples: