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Definition of cruelty:

  1. Inhumanity; disposition to inflict sufferings.
  2. Inhumanity; savageness.


grimness, viciousness, rigorousness, bullying, sadism, inflexibility, evil, outrage, abuse, cronyism, indifference, severeness, barbarousness, atrocity, bias, unnaturalness, injustice, persecution, hardness of heart, barbarity, partiality, favorite, scratchiness, malice, atrociousness, rigourousness, brutalities, truculence, maltreatment, animality, despotism, mercilessness, stiffness, kind, savageness, savagery, implacability, bestiality, rigor, attitude, inhumanness, ruthlessness, harshness, bestiality, inhuman treatment, rancor, unkindness, barbarity, inequity, nepotism, fierceness, wickedness, insensibility, pitilessness, heartlessness, wantonness, coldness, truculency, inclemency, tyranny, brutishness, relentlessness, hardness, truculence, rigour, roughness, abrasiveness, insensitivity, imbalance, callousness, inequality, inquisition, malignity, venom, unfeelingness, monstrousness, savagery, cruelness, ferocity.

Usage examples: