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Definition of crumble:

  1. To break into crumbs.
  2. To break or fall into small pieces; to moulder; to perish.


fall apart, atrophy, retrograde, go bad, cockle, give way, catch on, sink, crack up, delapidate, whirl, twig, languish, crack, pucker, founder, crush, give, fizzle, latch on, conk out, go, worsen, splinter, bomb, decay, come apart, give out, buckle, lose it, ebb, analyse, crock up, get wise, snap, go to pieces, collapse, decline, fragment, whirl around, break up, take apart, crash, split up, wrinkle, tip, smash, tumble, crease, analyze, wear out, flop, get onto, fail, continue, break down, topple, cotton on, cave in, rumple, dilapidate, fragmentize, burst, fall in, get it, miss, backfire, bust, crinkle, knit, die, devolve, crumple, regress, descend, help, separate, wear.

Usage examples: