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Definition of crunch:

  1. To crush between the teeth.


toil, hee-haw, the moment of truth, bray, inadequateness, dally, exigency, travail, scarceness, prove, compression, scranch, deficit, labor, blast, calf love, tight spot, boxercise, ordeal, compaction, squelch, philander, poverty, milestone, burble, crush, romance, paucity, the point of no return, demolish, count, review, moil, grate, choke down, craunch, scrutinize, calisthenics, gnash, inspect, tinderbox, bite, chaw, tragedy, boiling point, extremity, infatuation, coquet, chew, crossroads, crossroad, clack, aquarobics, circuit training, concretion, chomp, lack, blow, crack, shortage, undersupply, clatter, calculate, squash, estimate, juncture, aerobics, scantiness, assess, bang, cacophony, chow down, peak, flash point, hell, clamor, highlight, climax, rattle, grind, nightmare, check over, crump, emergency, mash, failure, thunder, clamour, crisis, reckon, ding, bolt, zero hour, babble, difficulty, Dunkirk, aerobic, coquette, dig, densification, cannibalize, mouth, economic squeeze, burst, the burn, chump, rumble, drudge, blare, watershed, comminute, crackle, scraunch, screech, beep, jam, click, want, masticate, determine, inadequacy, check, chin-up, breaking point, study, puppy love, head, scrunch, chat up, drought, crepitate, butterfly, lacuna, flirt, examine, monitor, buzz, turning point, quagmire, worst-case scenario, squeeze, add up, cranch, champ, bend, famine, groan, dearth, labour, thud, cough, go over, splash, crunch time, munch, pinch, press, battle, bodybuilding, devour, crash around, trouble, compute, insufficiency, conjuncture, project, clutch, crushed leather, boom, scarcity, stress.

Usage examples: