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Definition of crusade:

  1. A romantic undertaking.


feat, forge, bowel movement, foment, compact, fight back, juggernaut, shake up, care, raise up, excite, advertise, apparent movement, contend, thrust, defend, drive, commove, lawsuit, dedication, hunting expedition, vex, exhort, weight-lift, bandwagon, cause, apparent motion, weightlift, military campaign, slave, causal agency, labour, sweat, entreat, turn on, press, move, private road, effort, contract, causa, driving, suit, press out, driving force, causal agent, crowd, case, run, attempt, urge, labor, agitate, budge, demonstration, challenge, promote, charge up, exertion, ride, advertize, march, parkway, fight, bear on, exploit, constrict, start, stir, front, reason, rouse, heavy lifting, motility, strain, safari, social movement, take the field, overwork, political campaign, put your back into something, conjure, seek, toil, bm, pursuit, beseech, driveway, endeavor, movement, adjure, fight down, trend, drift, work at, bid, squeeze, travail, try, apply yourself, push, charge, action, motion, buckle down, disturb, oppose, compress, weigh, shift, elbow grease, urge on, endeavour, stir up, campaign, shake, force, exert yourself, grounds, iron, iron out, blitz, holy war, undertaking, tug, work.

Usage examples: