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Definition of crush:

  1. A collision; a violent pressure, as of a crowd.
  2. To press and bruise between two hard bodies; to beat or force down; to subdue; to overwhelm by superior power; to conquer; to be pressed into a smaller compass.


lather, philander, sever, drum, dissect, snap, assemblage, crumble, mystify, insistency, pack, boom, densification, berate, scold, hale, wallop, assassinate, age group, puzzle, puppy love, strike, oppress, rag, nip, crowd, tucker, destroy, tweet, mush, concretion, extort, compaction, vanquish, damage, help, perplex, splosh, sunder, throng, infatuation, lambast, thrash, crushed leather, powder, flap, go, jamming, closet, mess, exhaust, jam, continue, herd, club, persecute, go bad, pulverize, tease, trounce, smash, compression, degrade, rive, bankrupt, die, outwit, horde, pile, lambaste, inhibit, flirt, multitude, bewilder, awe, squeeze, collapse, engulf, embrace, fix, lose it, dress down, squash, obstruct, tick, scrum, compact, break down, humiliate, kettle of fish, analyze, ruin, stuff, show up, vex, busload, murder, flatten, wad, conk out, constrict, comminute, bosom, chew up, jaw, take someone's life, force, mass, chock up, public press, shatter, thrum, rupture, smear, rumple, rend, crunch, dispatch, break up, pressing, clobber, chat up, prostrate, express, respect, hole, shove, wardrobe, transgress, slaughter, pulverise, batter, strangle, curb, splash, get, chew out, close up, shiver, contract, hit, call on the carpet, put down, nail, demolish, cram, crease, press, wither, embarrass, kill, ticktack, burst, choke off, cashier, flog, pulsate, tumble, military press, fracture, reproof, drove, split, take apart, make someone's toes curl, granulate, break, bang, chide, slash, welt, punch, dumbfound, beat, work over, stupefy, suppress, imperativeness, beat out, shell, pinch, ruffle, extinguish, drub, beat up, ardor, repress, rub, tighten, twitch, exterminate, block, crack, knock out, deference, bump off, overwhelm, twinge, army, circumvent, reprimand, rebuke, crumple, bray, baffle, decompose, pickle, scrunch, outfox, beat down, pressure, depress, bike, gravel, pound, squelch, mechanical press, shame, quiver, quash, bunk, annihilate, bang up, affect, shellac, reverence, gouge, push, squish, wedge, jampack, admiration, husk, lash, analyse, pose, compress, crinkle, scramble, outsmart, blast, quench, tucker out, obturate, thump out, lecture, triturate, hug, massacre, stamp down, wring, steamroller, legion, calf love, bottle up, slosh, tap out, mob, constellation, wrinkle, mash, electronic jamming, flummox, dash, give out, nonplus, flock, collection, insistence, bawl out, stick, give way, knock, printing press, thump, fail, coquet, remonstrate, rack, host, swarm, array, overreach, ram, strap, ticktock, amaze, muddle, circle, occlude, call down, butterfly, mill, thrust, slop, impede, take to task, dally, cream, smash up, have words, grind, coquette, wash up, coerce.

Usage examples: