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Definition of crust:

  1. The outward covering or shell of anything, generally harder than the body itself; the outer portion of the earth; the tartar deposited from wine on the bottle, evidence of age, the wine being then called crusted.
  2. To cover with a crust; to harden the outside of a thing.


resentment, uppityness, sauce, brassiness, poppyseed, impudency, face, glow, apple pie, knead, fault, incivility, blanket, membrane, rancor, phyllo, discourtesy, cover, crusty, mince pie, archness, courtesy, insolence, cobbler, covering, saddle sore, nerve, choux pastry, perkiness, uppishness, geological, outside, bake, cheekiness, brashness, temerity, attitude, geography, brazenness, impertinence, floor, cheek, deposit, skin, layer, forwardness, familiarity, pasty, faultline, pertness, pastry, brass, surface, disrespect, assumption, bile, sauciness, presumptuousness, leaven, impudence, leavened, encrustation, presumption, bitterness, geology, sassiness, audaciousness, coating, earth's crust, chutzpah, rancour, paint, rudeness, flaky pastry, incrustation, audacity, pushiness, bakery, freshness, continental shelf, rind, effrontery, gall, nerviness, overconfidence, coat, flan, aquifer, continental drift, boldness, novelty.

Usage examples: