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Definition of cry:

  1. A pack of hounds.


rallying cry, talk up, burst out, abuse, bluster, birdcall, phone, bitch, cry out, screech, build up, exclaim, remote, words, send for, ballyhoo, predict, margin call, holler out, noise, twitter, call-out, acclamation, phone call, foretell, song, pipe, yammer, plug, waul, squeak, halloo, push, weeping, countersign, dissimilar, yell, telephone call, blackguard, bellyache, squall, crab, hurrah, vociferate, beef, keen, outcry, mourning, watchword, grouse, name, war cry, wawl, wailing, advertise, address, call option, sobbing, yowl, proclaim, claim, tears, hiss, telephone, promulgate, clapperclaw, clack, ejaculate, plaint, blurt, uproar, battle cry, visit, ring, blazon out, lamentation, password, parole, anticipate, happy, popularize, call in, bid, publicize, shout, prognosticate, war whoop, pitch, vociferation, whistle, gripe, shout out, forebode, call up, promise, birdsong, call, blubber, rap out, call off, weep, knowledge, promote, word, yawp, hullabaloo, different, outshout, hollo.

Usage examples: