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Definition of crystallise:

  1. To cause to form into crystals; to be converted into crystals.


gain, sack up, make, assoil, unsnarl, disentangle, light up, wrap up, exonerate, solve, effloresce, finish up, exculpate, authorize, sort, illumine, earn, irradiate, square away, mop up, class, bring in, see the light, edify, reform, brighten, elucidate, polish off, clear, authorise, pass, straighten, assort, crystalize, clean up, correct, discipline, net, separate, neaten, sack, iron out, discharge, realize, illuminate, sort out, classify, light, finish off, unclutter, shed light on, illume, straighten out, tidy, put right, get through, take in, crystalise, enlighten, realise, acquit, clarify, pull in, tidy up, top, crystallize, clear up.

Usage examples: