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Definition of cub:

  1. The young of certain animals, generally of the bear and fox; a boy or girl, in contempt.
  2. To bring forth young.
  3. To shut up or confine.


gent, blighter, kid, baby, Midland, bairn, squirt, tyro, bud, abecedarian, lad, filly, fawn, neophyte, sprout, abecedarian, recruit, colt, freshman, novice, novitiate, newcomer, foal, bambino, sprat, fella, newbie, tenderfoot, fellow, kiddo, moppet, youngling, punk, kiddie, fledgling, young carnivore, chap, rook, virgin, brood, feller, babe, greenhorn, bullock, apprentice, youth, rookie, sonny boy, bloke, cuss, laddie, youngster, juvenile, sonny, chick.

  • young (part of speech: adjective)

Usage examples: