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Definition of cube:

  1. A solid body with six equal sides, all squares; a number multiplied twice by itself, as 4 x 4 x 4 = 64, 64 being the cube of 4.
  2. To raise to the third power.


third power, bake, estimate, bay, copy machine, pulley, die, dot matrix printer, dice, blend, stoppage, square block, block, cabin, bone, calculate, pulley block, count, butcher, project, closure, chamber, beat, stop, computation, cell, chevron, Arabic numeral, fax, blocking, solid, butchery, blockage, ink-jet printer, cylinder block, engine block, occlusion, reckon, blanch, prove, constant, compute, mental block, common multiple, cuboid, flare, cubicle, determine, regular hexahedron, copier, diamond, assess, fractal, carve, base, add up, butter, hot desk, cross, common factor, auction block, city block, arithmetic progression, chill, bubble jet printer, inkwell, hole punch.

Usage examples: