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Definition of cud:

  1. The food which a ruminating animal, as the cow or sheep, throws up from its first stomach to chew at leisure.


mess, feed, fishmeal, flock, mint, spate, fireplug, good deal, corn, chaw, fodder, quid pro quo, hype, plug, quite a little, mastication, sparking plug, birdseed, passel, deal, wad, pot, muckle, feedbag, dog biscuit, ballyhoo, heap, peck, stopper, stopple, pound, hoopla, stack, mickle, fire hydrant, plenty, hatful, chew, chewing, rechewed food, batch, raft, bone meal, spark plug, pound sterling, lot, manduction, hack, forage, sight, birdseed, quid, mass, jade, nag, mountain, great deal, tidy sum, slew, pile, male plug.

Usage examples: