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Definition of cudgel:

  1. A short thick stick of wood.
  2. To beat with a cudgel.
  3. To beat with a thick stick.


pommel, batter, club, billy club, hit, defeat, rung, thump, bastinado, worst, pound, goad, stun, switch, overcome, staff, rod, strike, flog, smack, thrash, fustigate, conquer, scourge, spank, bludgeon, chastise, cosh, battering ram, bat, belabor, truncheon, sap, boomerang, brass knuckles, vanquish, knobkierie, billy, surpass, baton, whip, beat, castigate, punch, blunt instrument, shillelagh, cane, waddy, nightstick, bullwhip, smite, bruise, beat up.

Usage examples: