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Definition of cue:

  1. The end of a thing; the last words of the preceding speech written with the speech of an actor, in order to let him know when he is to proceed with his part, from the letter Q by which it was marked; a hint; an intimation; a long curl or roll of hair; a short direction; the straight rod used at billiards.


prompt, instigate, discriminative stimulus, remind, pool cue, come on, intimation, inspire, line, terms of reference, pool stick, part, exeunt, guidelines, cue ball, motivate, reminder, exit, stage direction, actuate, propel, cushion, baize, directions, tip-off, bar billiards, catchword, move, pocket, clue, clew, frame, knowledge, instructions, pool, incite, billiards, demonstration, cue stick.

Usage examples: