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Definition of cuff:

  1. A blow with the clenched hand or fist; a box or stroke.
  2. The part of a sleeve which flaps or claps back.
  3. To strike with the fist or clenched hand, or with wings, as a bird.
  4. To strike with the open hand.


bib, hit, stripe, clip, hem, truss, bludgeon, manacle, breast, double, smack, crack, buttonhole, offhand, bodice, armhole, rap, batter, billy club, Breathalyzer, band, cruiser, butt, collar, whack, clout, flak jacket, extemporaneous, arm, bop, attack, knock, calamity, cut, unfurl, stroke, unofficial, turnup, close, baton, chop, boot, thump, chain, beat, punch, body armor, concussion, hammer blow, extemporaneously, chevron, buffet, handcuffs, spat, tether, tie up, gag, beat up, blow, harness, bonk, breast pocket, unfold, bump, care label, yoke, shock, Denver boot, strike, bust, slap, shackle, lash, fold up, swat, spank, whomp, handcuff, box, disaster, misfortune, stun, coattails, cuffs, fold, handlock.

Usage examples: