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Definition of cull:

  1. To pick out; to gather; to select from many.


pull off, pick, overcharge, clean, angling, assemble, cast, big game, peck, destroy, separate, gazump, capture, amass, tweak, accumulate, single, hook, harvest, opt, choose, select, blame, glean, nibble, put down, plume, roll, second, collect, tear, soak, buy up, deplume, surcharge, deplumate, pot, hunt out, pick out, get together, gather, pick up, hunt, winnow, scrape together, poach, plunk, choice, pull, pick off, reject, find fault, fleece, exterminate, blood sports, piece, bait, extract, break up, garner, butcher, prefer, pluck, beak, displume, rejection, round up, bag, rob, hustle, stockpile, bite, elect, foot.

Usage examples: