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Definition of cultivate:

  1. To till; to prepare the ground for the reception of seed; to foster; to improve; as the mind; to labour to increase.


operate, take, grow, browse, teach, forge, forward, go, incubate, direct, act, dress, arable, mold, put to work, sour, act upon, master, keep up, promote, clip, influence, prune, bring, check, bribe, range, tame, foster, nurse, exploit, puzzle out, plow, domesticate, wreak, work on, nourish, absorb, rear, run, aim, cultivated, prepare, ferment, till, nurture, breed, crop circle, chasten, acquaint yourself with something, work, discipline, farm, prepared, groom, cut back, culture, do work, retrain, make for, exercise, play, crop rotation, function, trim, keep in with, train, cash crop, rail, lick, pasture, maneuver, crop, raise, turn, touch, trail, propagate, knead, make up to, refine, reproduction, encourage, civilise, tone down, snip, figure out, work out, learn, mould, reclaim, civilize, buy, plant, tend, acquire, pick up, condition, graze, buy off, advance, school, educate, process, blackmail, shape, improve, corn, domesticise, lop, naturalise, solve, combine, take aim, naturalize, cozy up, further, coach, moderate, domesticize, care for, subdue, flatter.

Usage examples: