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Definition of culture:

  1. The collection of organisms resulting from such a cultivation.
  2. The cultivation of bacteria or other organisms in artificial media or under artificial conditions.
  3. Those details of a map, collectively, which do not represent natural features of the area delineated, as names and the symbols for towns, roads, houses, bridges, meridians, and parallels.


refinement, cultural, grace, disorder, socialisation, coating, cultivation, frame of reference, agrochemical, horticulture, agricultural, ground, floriculture, literature, gentility, humanities, socialization, purification, last, perception, life, ism, the community, elaboration, finis, vulgarity, conclusion, enculturation, nuance, cytology, education, address, agronomy, glossiness, couth, history, civilisation, agrarian, accomplishment, subtlety, finesse, knowledge, civilise, agronomics, inheritance, finishing, civilized, market-gardening, production, gloss, dress, work, cultivate, savoir-faire, civilize, dogma, politeness, music, prepared, refining, civilization, close, ending, philosophy, stopping point, practice, ethos, destination, the spirit of the times/age, touch, manners, cell, ethnology, learning, Kultur, enlightenment, cell membrane, doctrine, lifestyle, -celled, burnish, courtesy, taste, training, tend, discrimination, ideology, acculturation, finish, ethos, experience, farming, tending, chloroplast, cellular, husbandry, kitchen-gardening, agriculture, ignorance, art, finale, folklore, polish, erudition, urbanity, theory, cross-cultural, gardening, the CAP, growing, barbarism, religion, proficiency, agroindustry, advanced, assimilation, agribusiness, civil society, tillage, lore, breed, till, cell wall, mores, scholarship, culture medium, nicety, goal, discernment, shade, customs.

Usage examples: