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Definition of cunning:

Synonyms for cunning:

craftsmanship, duplicity, discreet, cagey, unscrupulous, corrupt, foul play, catchy, trade, dishonest, minuscule, deceitful, ruse, silklike, chicanery, cute, wily, shenanigan, wiliness, clever, artifice, tricky, precious, wile, workmanship, deceitfulness, honest, trick, chancy, double-dealing, small, craft, guileful, dodge, slick, dicey, foxiness, slight, slyness, machination, shiftiness, cagy, adroit, stratagem, silken, smoke and mirrors, misconduct, crafty, minute, cheat, craftiness, sly, subterfuge, corruption, dodgy, beguiling, device, untruthful, dubious, maneuver, fraudulent, glib, chicane, blind, tiny, diminutive, foxy, trickery, fraud, tricksy, contrivance, silky, deception, artful, pat, guile, deceit, ingenious, imposture, midget, sleek, dishonesty, invention, means, unprincipled, satiny, attractive, little, microscopic, knavish, chanceful.

Usage examples: