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Definition of cup:

  1. A cock or cup containing grease, to serve as a lubricator.


double, instill, bouillon, infusion, batch, crescent, jock, contest, porringer, nectar, refreshments, cupful, bosom, jersey, grip, gold, birdie, cradle, ace, blue ribbon, balloon, grasp, mustache, bogey, alcohol, measuring, kit, breast, challenge, band, backswing, vessel, cake, soup, bumper, coffee, grab, ball, cannikin, consumption, circle, transfuse, drink, snifter, potion, athletic supporter, shin guard, bronze medal, cleavage, hold on, bogie, curve, crumb, cocktail, bye, standard, jorum, gold medal, bubble, pick-me-up, schooner, jockstrap, taster, close season, championship, bronze, carry, coil, c., bunker, falsies, beverage, the Commonwealth Games, ale, loving cup, keep hold of something, medal, bowlful, flute, chaser, gourd, dram, drop, booze, aperitif, knockers, grail, gong, leotard, hold tight, cream soup, belt, shin pad, pannikin, bed, bite, clash, boob, caddy, clutch, hooters, bulge, hang on, card, noggin, chocolate, bust.

Usage examples: