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Definition of curb:

  1. The flat iron chain fastened to the upper part of the branches of a bridle; a check; restraint; hindrance.
  2. To guide or restrain by a curb, as a horse; to check or restrain; to hold back; to keep in subjection.


master, flash back, crush, direct, declare, manipulate, insure, chasten, defy, break, dress, range, carry, tame, halt, ascertain, inhibition, checker, retard, AMEX, go over, incorporate, jibe, tally, sway, subjugate, hinderance, tick off, mince, overcome, have, determine, bind, lead, harbor, govern, cut down, enclose, keep down, hold in, admit, baulk, verification, guard, check up on, stoppage, trammel, support, cut short, crop, view as, reduce, tab, discipline, crucify, arrest, impediment, reserve, defend, stricture, prune, lamppost, gibe, check mark, check off, entertain, sustain, soften, go for, have got, keep in line, moderate, subdue, verify, retain, take for, reign, lay-by, american stock exchange, hindrance, hold, check out, tick, balk, nurse, tone down, turn back, adjudge, quash, curtail, maintain, bottle up, prevail, conceal, bear, curb bit, curbing, take hold, constraint, checkout, see to it, reign over, agree, correspond, chip, suppress, harbour, stamp down, cut back, mark, confines, hold back, hedgerow, limited, chit, match, lop, learn, keep back, trim, mortify, obligate, book, chair, fit, seize, check-out procedure, qualify, subordinate, ensure, hitch, limitation, restrict, comprise, restraint, condition, keep, bring down, manage, assay, get over, give, check, limit, bound, make, mark off, temper, milepost, check over, cheque, kerb, circumscription, inhibit, concur, crack, hold up, milestone, throw, contain, cut, influence, conquer, check into, confine, command, deterrent, oblige, surmount, look into, bank check, clip, apply, gutter, snip, bus stop, concord, regulate, rule, obtain, trim down, suss out, bridle, restriction, appropriate, train, see, embankment, accommodate, mold, trim back, take, capture, repress, deal with, chequer, assure, watch, deem, find out, operate, cure, withstand, control, confirmation, substantiation.

Usage examples: