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Definition of curiosity:

  1. A strong desire to see or to know; that which excites a desire of seeing; a rarity.


oddness, oddity, remnant, bauble, paradox, individualism, remainder, stroke, mannerism, rarity, kink, objet d'art, low density, distinctive feature, wonder, quiddity, infrequency, quirk, concern, speciality, end, distinguishing characteristic, oddment, kickshaw, wonderment, distinctiveness, meddling, tenuity, curious, crotchet, tchotchke, questioning, bibelot, inquiring, exotic, gaud, gimcrack, specialty, peculiarity, specialness, curio, quip, gewgaw, twist, prying, investigate, erraticism, rareness, novelty, occasion, curiousness, queerness, snoopiness, searching, trick, ornamental, regard, enquiring, nosy, trinket, admiration, doodad, tic, happening, number, inquisitive, curiously.

Usage examples: