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Definition of curl:

  1. A ringlet of hair, or anything like it.
  2. To turn, form, or bend into ringlets, as the hair; to twist; to coil; to play at the game of curling.


arch, spiral, turn, frizz, ringlet, swerve, squiggle, cast, kink up, swing, ringlet butterfly, lovelock, bun, entwine, curve, hair, bristle, drum roll, crimp, bowl, balloon, twine, draw in, frizzle, bedhead, bodybuilding, tress, repetition, wind, highlights, veer, cut, intertwine, peal, volute, slue, sheer, bristly, calisthenics, revolve, rotate, ignition lock, cone, bushy, twirl, form, slew, undulate, flourish, hand-build, open up, lock, alopecia, curlicue, hairline, bouffant, coiffed, bald, axial rotation, gyrate, corkscrew, move in, helix, roll, crape, handbuild, forelock, trend, beckon, chin-up, aquarobics, swirl, attract, pull in, boxercise, suck in, crook, bulge, twist, the burn, ball, shape, balding, circle, whorl, reshape, body, scroll, bankroll, deform, fuzz, arc, straighten, paradiddle, spin, pealing, rolling wave, get in, draw, whirl, kink, aerobic, gyre, roster, close in, weave, bad hair day, snake, lock chamber, circuit training, close-cropped, straight, meander, aerobics, wave, bend, crescent, retract, coil, flap, brandish, band, crowning glory, rolling, bubble, axial motion, roller, loop, wreathe, curl up, work, pull.

Usage examples: