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Definition of currency:

  1. A continued course or passing of anything, like the running of a stream; a passing from person to person, or from age to age, as a report; a passing from hand to hand, as money or bills of credit; the whole circulation of money, or the whole quantity of money of every sort, is called the currency; anything in circulation as a medium of trade; general estimation or reception; the rate at which any thing is valued.


specie, decimalize, notes, needful, convertible, bucks, up-to-dateness, pelf, currentness, basket, lettuce, denominate, gelt, shekels, government notes, tender, green, property, long green, cabbage, decimalise, moola, lolly, legal tender, kale, brass, common currency, coin, mazuma, bank notes, bills, bread, vogue, bureau de change, base currency, jack, chips.

Usage examples: