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Definition of current:

  1. A flowing or passing; a stream; course; continuation; general course or tendency.
  2. Passing from person to person, or from hand to hand; circulating; common; general; generally received; passable; now passing.


afoot, study at prevailing, nonconformist, air, spate, up-to-the-minute, present-day, reliable, electric current, trustworthy, existent, tide, veritable, drip, in progress, flux, flow rate, drift, live, legally, received, now, airflow, innocent, standard, course, original, new-fashioned, conventional, airborne, menstruum, accredited, red-hot, orthodox, clean, predominant, blast, topical, latest, hot, menstruation, rush, dense, surge, rate of flow, at this time, in fashion, stock, accepted, up-to-date, modern-day, ongoing, usual, flowing, theoretical, catamenia, fashionable, authoritative, real, abstract, flush, down, instant, space-age, legitimate, legal, contemporary, guiltless, alive, regnant, certain, move, central, utopian, going, time, extant, underway, mod, arc, eddy, specific, active, prevailing, arc light, genuine, widespread, airless, incumbent, ebb, modernistic, rightful, in, designer, menses, breathable, authorized, on-line, flow, state-of-the-art, watercourse, authentic, airy, brownout, deterministic, true, maelstrom, popular, au courant, period, ultramodern, lawful, customary, flood, existing, circulating, new age, prevalent, conceptual, legitimacy, sure, actual, rife, atmosphere, newfangled, stream, present, knowledge, blackout, metaphysical.

Usage examples: