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Definition of curse:

  1. A malediction; a wishing of evil; great vexation or torment.
  2. To utter a wish of evil against one; to imprecate evil upon; to execrate; to utter imprecations; to vex or torment.


flagellum, menstrual, abomination, curse word, trust, change into, depose, aversion, unlucky, swear, scourge, crime, anathematise, call up, odium, dirty word, villainy, chap, amenorrhoea, alchemy, wickedness, enchanted, hell, the change of life, battle, crisis, execrate, gadfly, nightmare, expletive, abracadabra, annoyance, condemnation, blaspheme, swan, anathemize, judgment of conviction, torment, execration, harassment, help, bewitch, imprecate, damn, nuisance, hatred, swearing, the curse, whammy, torture, bad language, vulgarism, worst-case scenario, anguish, winze, jinx, unhappy, bedamn, cuss, conviction, aver, lad, unchurch, black magic, fella, anathema, sentence, menstrual cycle, affirm, maledict, extrasensory perception, depone, feller, invoke, assert, offense, bloke, horror, nemesis, blighter, oath, swearword, avow, imprecation, rely, stress, prophesy, turn into, disgust, menopause, four-letter word, loathing, unfortunate, charm, enchant, beshrew, the black arts, bedevilment, sacred, terror, blasphemy, hex, malison, bank, accurse, epithet, quagmire, iniquity, anathematize, a run of good/bad luck, cussword, excommunicate, fellow, jinxed, badgering, detestation, luck, worrying, threat, decent, anathemise, pest, enchantment, down on your luck, words, disapprobation, gent, cramps, mischance, conjure up, biological clock, bane, jonah, menses, abhorrence, verify, amenorrhea, hoodoo, pesterer, ESP, shame, comminate, Halloween.

Usage examples: