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Definition of curtain:

  1. A movable cloth hung round a bed, at a window, or in front of a stage; any piece of movable drapery used for concealment; the part of a wall or rampart which joins the flanks of two bastions together.
  2. To inclose by means of curtains.


penumbra, auditorium, cover-up, blizzard, jalousie, winding-sheet, mask, decoration, avalanche, dewdrop, winding-clothes, drapes, grave, expiry, dew, aisle, passing, draw curtain, robe, deluge, curtain rod, dissolution, doom, mantle, cape, coverture, band, lace curtain, cloudburst, expiration, mantlepiece, box, end, quietus, lambrequin, full-length, sleep, great divide, cope, decease, chimneypiece, acid rain, backstage, demise, balcony, film, window covering, fate, live, rest, passage, backcloth, drape, box office, shroud, exit, mantelpiece, roller blind, chill, roller shade, hood, hanging, cerement, portiere, covering, curtains, blanket, drapery, downpour, mantel, extinction, wraps, pall, apron, valance, arras, pleated shade, backdrop, pallium.

Usage examples: