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Definition of cushion:

  1. A soft pad or pillow to sit on; any bag filled with soft materials; any stuffed or padded surface; the padded side or edge of a billiard- table.
  2. To furnish with a cushion or cushions.


soften, guardian, dampen, keep (a) watch, all, seat, buffer, plate, defend, baize, rest, impact, pad, mince, watch over, champion, frame, skin, bolster, shelter, beanbag, bar billiards, fender, layer, break, electric shock, guard, throw, protect, jounce, yield, protector, jar, pocket, assist, scatter cushion, pillow, relent, damp, save, cushioning, shield, precaution, stand up for, protection, surface, deadlock, moderate, cue ball, pool, shock absorber, guardian angel, blanket, safeguard, mat, jolt, weaken, throw pillow, cocoon, chalk something up, seismic disturbance, aggregate, bumper, bury, daze, electrical shock, blow, cover, billiards, stupor, cue, woolsack, membrane, defender, concede, paint, attack, lifesaver, shock.

Usage examples: