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Definition of cuss:

Synonyms for cuss:

four-letter word, torment, ass, pest, aver, sonny boy, crack, swear, swain, assert, crevice, bad language, comrade, invective, bedamn, confrere, blasphemy, sonny, nemesis, affirm, profanity, dude, execration, fissure, bane, anathematize, young man, creep, abuse, scourge, lumberjack, lad, pesterer, anathemize, swan, beshrew, trust, avow, hex, blighter, laddie, colleague, cub, dirty word, public enemy number one, imprecation, damn, blaspheme, yob, pestilence, swearing, pestis, fellow, lumberman, imprecate, companion, decent, know-all, cussword, cranny, fella, condemnation, chap, curse word, rely, curse, vulgarism, words, whammy, bloke, unchurch, execrate, associate, depose, depone, buster, faller, logger, horror, bank, verify, feller, gadfly, obscenity, excommunicate, loudmouth, anathemise, mate, epithet, sacred, gent, oath, maledict, familiar, swearword, public nuisance, expletive, beau, plague, boyfriend, (the) scum of the earth, vermin, jinx.

Usage examples: