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Definition of custody:

  1. A guarding; a keeping; care or watch over for security or preservation; imprisonment.


time lag, work force, the empty nest, confinement, men, workforce, clutch, gyves, care, supervision, handle, detainment, jail, custodial, superintendence, manpower, self-preservation, keep, hothouse, custodianship, go down, rear, tutelage, auspices, potty-train, bring up, guardianship, postponement, handcuffs, condemned, imprisonment, internment, charge, captivity, appreciation, wait, handgrip, confinement, care, safe passage, keeping, aegis, charge, security, duress, cargo area, irons, trust, preventive detention, clench, ward, free, durance, manacles, inside, cargo deck, nurture, self-defense, grip, ward, sanctuary, hold, wardship, clasp, bonds, hands, supervision, raise, trusteeship, cargo hold, keeping, administration, storage area, bondage, rein, shackles, clutches, defense, superintendence, care for, arrest, fetter, protection, safekeeping, captive, delay, detention, guardianship, watch, arrest, chains, safeguard.

Usage examples: