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Definition of custom:

  1. Frequent repetition of the same act; established manner; the practice of frequenting a shop for the purchase of goods; usage; toll or tax.


use of goods and services, manners, legacy, employment, culture, style, mores, fashion, charge account, type, business, taste, tailored, account, system, procedure, deviation, usage, design, matter of course, consumption, departure, tailor-made, conspicuous consumption, consuetude, utilisation, way, charge card, practise, local color, agree, method, cash-and-carry, bespoken, commercial, bespoke, attitude, traffic, consumable, customs duty, trade, exercise, credit, caveat emptor, usance, rite, pattern, precedent, patronage, rule, practice, commercially, characteristic, mode, strangeness, custom-tailored, utilization, daily life, unwritten law, impost, vogue, customised, springer, economic consumption, custom-built, institution, brand-name, comparison-shop, custom-made, cut-rate, use, acquisition, take to, form, made-to-order, branded, inheritance, ceremony, customized, usual, brand loyalty, mold, customs, as is someone's wont, common practice, tradition, irregularity, praxis, trick or treat, character, habitude.

Usage examples:

  • He was a very silent man by custom.

    - "Treasure Island", Robert Louis Stevenson.
  • Just an old custom.

    - "Chippinge Borough", Stanley J. Weyman.
  • That was a good custom.

    - "Holidays & Happy-Days", Hamish Hendry.