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Definition of cutting:

  1. An incision; a piece cut off; a portion of a plant for propagation; a long deep excavation, as in making a road, a railway, or a canal.
  2. Sarcastic; severe.


scalding, cold, crevasse, natural, lancinate, penetrative, cavern, undercut, cheap, desolate, unsanded, gentle, incisive, force, trip, bur, slip of paper, sideslip, satiric, snarky, swing, faux pas, self-injury, snip, chasm, whetted, excision, trim, slick, moorage, study at incisive, aerial root, irate, smart-aleck, attack, clipping, lancinating, edgy, acidulous, cutting off, naked, bang-up, slap-up, pillow slip, miscue, scathing, fracture, nifty, bleak, slice, swell, peachy, corrosive, truculent, corking, crude, backhanded, loss, following, sardonic, gaucherie, sensitive, dim, bruise, raw, black, cut of meat, new, skid, byline, vitriolic, blade, pungent, newspaper clipping, savage, allusive, acid, stabbing, carving, ditch, snub, bare, strip, cave, slip, slip-up, mordant, cartoon, wounding, slipperiness, ground, elusion, anther, scrape, great, pothole, in the buff, cold shoulder, gash, press clipping, in the raw, groovy, acidulated, cheesecake, deletion, piercing, clip, bland, crevice, not bad, knifelike, sharp, vinegarish, announcement, unkind, advice column, barren, eluding, artwork, in the altogether, slash, concussion, the Beaufort scale, bud, bract, mordacious, wound, slickness, press cutting, sprain, stinging, baseball swing, case, smart-mouthed, parapraxis, rift, fissure, beanstalk, smashing, mooring, bare-ass, stark naked, berth, solecism, boll, east, gully, neat, rude, banner headline, gale-force, shift, smart-alecky, edged, tender, honed, acrid, gaffe, thinning, stinger, acidic, shimmy, peeled, stropped, sour, shrewd, classified ad, coded, chemise, exquisite, naked as a jaybird, keen, acetous, pillowcase, sculpture, acerb, easterly, respect, film editing, bully, injury, virulent, bare-assed, cut, abscission, discriminating, gusty, track, sharpened, bruising, trenchant, bulb, teddy, sarcastic, dandy, article, centerfold.

Usage examples: