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Definition of cyclopean:

  1. Pert. to the Cyclops; vast; terrific; applied to those vast remains of anc. architecture, which consist of large unhewn masses of stones fitted together without mortar.


vasty, prodigious, gargantuan, mastodonic, elephantine, grand, supersize, Bunyanesque, pharaonic, titanic, monster, Himalayan, mega, oceanic, pythonic, herculean, jumbo, planetary, Brobdingnagian, colossal, giant, vast, leviathan, immense, mammoth, whacking, mountainous, massy, monumental, super-duper, astronomical, humongous, mighty, gigantic, stupendous, massive, monstrous, big, tremendous, super, king-size, cosmic, behemoth, enormous, gigantesque, huge, heroic, whopping, galactic, supersized, walloping, bumper.

Usage examples: