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Definition of cypher:

  1. Another spelling of cipher, which see.


image, enroll, elaborate, look, cryptogram, count on, write in code, lick, visualize, think, energy, enrol, encrypt, direct, nothing, puzzle out, postal code, aim, calculate, zip fastener, imagine, account, null, bet, nonexistence, visualise, opine, figure, depend, cryptograph, work up, cipher, work, vigor, nought, nobody, guess, goose egg, estimate, zip, encode, engrave, work out, naught, scratch, regard, reckon, picture, fancy, zipper, figure out, see, slide fastener, view, forecast, project, count, zero point, aught, nil, suppose, code, encipher, exercise, consider, zilch, secret writing, envision, secret code, inscribe, autograph, nada, zero, zippo, enter, solve, vigour, nix, recruit, 0, nonentity, grave, compute, postcode.

Usage examples: