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Definition of dame:

  1. A mistress of a family, who is a lady; a woman in authority; especially, a lady.
  2. A mother; - applied to human beings and quadrupeds.
  3. A woman in general, esp. an elderly woman.
  4. The mistress of a family in common life, or the mistress of a common school; as, a dame's school.


snort, dub, brothel keeper, madam, biddy, grande dame, noblewoman, skirt, order, comic, doll, artist, acrobat, cast, artiste, razz, hoot, chick, birdie, frump, harridan, princess, knighthood, hiss, comedienne, razzing, dolly, annulus, MBE, comedian, gentlewoman, act, witch, virago, conjurer, clown, ma'am, fowl, aristocrat, battleax, dowager, shuttle, peeress, boo, raspberry, arm candy, knight, shuttlecock, bird, lady, wench.

Usage examples: