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Definition of damned:

  1. Hateful; detestable; abominable.
  2. of Damn
  3. Sentenced to punishment in a future state; condemned; consigned to perdition.


damn, ruddy, flat-out, goddam, blasphemy, angel, sheer, ill-omened, deuced, complete, unlucky, regular, utter, beatified, unrelieved, bad, diabolical, blest, infernal, consummate, unredeemed, deadly, goddamn, darned, dead, son of a bitch, bloody, ill-starred, damnably, desirable, outright, stark, accursed, cotton-picking, for God's/Christ's/goodness'/Heaven's/Pete's sake, fiendish, blessing, detestable, abominable, pure, favorite, like, offensive, Midland, execrable, absolute, fated, plumb, goddammit, unequivocal, thoroughgoing, undesirable, everlasting, definite, clean, cursedly, angelic, limited, unreserved, welcomed, rank, simple, unadulterated, confounded, dreadful, loathsome, categorical, absolution, lousy, perfect, unfortunate, flat, unmitigated, curst, goddamned, bless, ill-fated, lost, reward, all-out, blamed, straight-out, plain, positive, blame, unconditional, doomed, article of faith, big, fair, get stuffed, downright, unbounded, blank, arrant, crap, stone, unlimited, total, satanic, damn it/you/him etc., blooming, blessed, blasphemous, hellish, bodacious, crashing, diabolic, fallen, cursed, blasted, demonic, unwelcome, unhappy, darn, reprobate, very, unsaved, unholy, unqualified, unalloyed, saved, profound, thorough, archangel, out-and-out, blaspheme.

Usage examples: