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Definition of daring:

  1. Bold; fearless; adventurous; as, daring spirits.
  2. Boldness; fearlessness; adventurousness; also, a daring act.
  3. of Dare. See Dare, v. i.


intrepid, unfearing, bodacious, original, forward, venturesome, chivalric, rude, face, venturous, fearless, robustness, bald-faced, adventurous, brazen-faced, hardy, heroic, chivalrous, valiant, brave, undaunted, brass, cheek, barefaced, doughty, lustiness, brassy, adventuresome, audacious, enterprising, undismayed, hardihood, hardiness, dauntless, avant-garde, strikingness, courageous, dare, obtrusive, validity, boldness, safety, gallant.

Usage examples: