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Definition of dawdle:

  1. A dawdler.
  2. To waste by trifling; as, to dawdle away a whole morning.
  3. To waste time in trifling employment; to trifle; to saunter.


lounge, loaf, linger, romance, hang around, lollygag, relapse, mash, lallygag, lose, coquet, lag, mill around, trifle away, trail, fast, dally, regress, philander, butterfly, resort, jug, study at loiter, industrious, coquette, tarry, drop off, put away, kill, fall behind, jail, trifle, toy, lapse, mess about, fiddle away, imprison, recur, put behind bars, idle, waste, chat up, flirt, idle, mill about, immure, while, recidivate, recede, hover, incarcerate, fall back, retrogress, gaol, remand, wile, play, lurk, footle.

Usage examples: