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Definition of de:

  1. A prefix from Latin de down, from, away; as in debark, decline, decease, deduct, decamp. In words from the French it is equivalent to Latin dis- apart, away; or sometimes to de. Cf. Dis-. It is negative and opposite in derange, deform, destroy, etc. It is intensive in deprave, despoil, declare, desolate, etc.


Diamond State, Delaware, First State.

Usage examples:

  • De Ha'isons nevah was no buyin' an' sellin', mekin' an' tradin' fambly.

    - "The Strength of Gideon and Other Stories Strength of Gideon; Mammy Peggy's Pride; Viney's Free Papers; The Fruitful Sleeping of The Rev. Elisha Edwards; The Ingrate; The Case of 'Ca'line'; The Finish of Patsy Barnes; One Man's Fortunes; Jim's Probation; U", Paul Laurence Dunbar.
  • Before Lord de la Poer!

    - "Countess Kate", Charlotte M. Yonge.
  • You have seen De Blacquaire?

    - "VC -- A Chronicle of Castle Barfield and of the Crimea", David Christie Murray.