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Definition of decadent:

  1. Decaying; deteriorating.
  2. One that is decadent, or deteriorating; esp., one characterized by, or exhibiting, the qualities of those who are degenerating to a lower type; - specif. applied to a certain school of modern French writers.


rakish, loose, degenerate, overripe, sybaritic, wicked, evil, demoralized, jackleg, unethical, sinful, perverse, decayed, indulgent, amoral, overindulge, debased, dissolute, immoral, unwholesome, rakehell, unclean, luxurious, self-indulgent, perverted, libertine, effete, gross, decadence, fun-loving, sensual, weakness, washed-up, indulgence, extravagance, epicurean, degraded, deviant, for fun, sordid, debauched, dissipated, reprobate, warped, depraved, self-indulgence, sick, overindulgent.

Usage examples: