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Definition of decimate:

  1. To destroy a considerable part of; as, to decimate an army in battle; to decimate a people by disease.
  2. To select by lot and punish with death every tenth man of; as, to decimate a regiment as a punishment for mutiny.
  3. To take the tenth part of; to tithe.


consume, press out, crush out, bear off, rid of, run through, bear away, obliterate, exhaust, root out, butcher, snuff out, carry away, negociate, egest, carry off, uproot, extinguish, pass, crimes, wipe out, eradicate, erase, take away, manage, stub out, use up, pull off, rule out, quench, excrete, bring off, eat, winnow out, annihilate, slaughter, eliminate, massacre, deplete, cancel out, eat up, do away with, blow out, make, help, reject, obviate, get rid of, kill, sweep away.

Usage examples: